Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's New!

Hello everyone! Let's start shopping with a reusable bag. Grocery and deptment stores are now selling their own bags priced from 99 cents to 1.99. That's fine if you don't mind advertising for stores. I think any bag should expresses your likes and passions. I have a few new bags with different themes. Yes...I'll custom order for the same price! Let me know what you're into and I'll send you some fabric sample pictures to choose from.
These bags are 100% cotton.
Machine washable and come in 3 sizes.


Free Panda wallet/make-up bag

Giveaway to Followers of this blog who give suggestion for shopping bag fabric pattern.

I heard that California will be banning plastic bags starting July!
Anyone else hear this rumor?


  1. i think a white tiger pattern would be so pretty! and no i havent heard that rumor thats crazy!!

  2. I made some bags out of fruit and food fabric for the grocery store... we get a lot of comments on them! :-)

  3. my entry suggestion-
    shopping bag fabric pattern - black background with shiny metallic looking dragons on it, maybe in a near satin kind of fabric, not necessarily satin, but something similar in appearance to compliment the shiny metallic dragons. Obviously a huge fan of your use of asian style fabrics

  4. I really like the batik style with dragonflies. I like flowers too! I do not think it is a bad thing about the plastic bags! Gives me an excuse to get creative with all that fabric in my closet :)

  5. Since shopping bags are eco-friendly I'd love to see pine trees because that's what we are saving. I'm now following too. ;)

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  6. I love the pandas! Those are my favorites from her Etsy. I like the whole eco-friendly and save the planet theme. What about some sea animals?

  7. Thank you everyone for participating. The winner is Christine. I would like to extend a thank you to all by having a special sale.
    Make-up bags for $4.00 and Market Totes for $9.00
    Shipping is included. Your choice of fabric! For you 6 ladies you have until midnight EST to respond. Please respond here. I have a similar sale on FB for everyone but only for 30 min.
    Thanks again for your support!

  8. I purchased the golden dragon wallet/pouch before I got here this morning! I went back to it twice last night and thought "I really don't need it...." Then I woke up and thought "I really want it!" So.... no need to give a discount! But thanks so much for putting on a give away :) How fun

  9. That is so cool to have won this! Winning something is a real rarity for me :) Ah if only I had the $4 or $9 to buy one of those on sale things right now, I totally would. Next time I need a make-up bag or tote I'm definitely going to have to get one from you. I even have a certain someone in in mind who would love something like that for their birthday, so I'll be looking to do that for them in a month or so too. Like Victoria said above this give-away was fun. Would have been fun even if I hadn't won.

  10. Thanks Everyone! You guys make it fun!

  11. New follower, via link love <3
    I make teas! ♥
    Come follow back <3