Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's New ?

So many new fabrics out there...I can't make up my mind which ones to purchase. Well, as usual, I buy them all! Going through my piles of fabric, I found some small pieces that I've made OOAK. (One Of A Kind)

$15.00 USD
The Aristocats "Marie" Make Up Pouch
Will be searching for more of this fabric...I think it's so cute!

I now offer embroidered names on the totes for a small fee of $3/name. Great for preschool, kindergarten or any activity. So far I'm offering 2 fonts....still learning my machine... Add a 12" zipper for a fee of $5. The basic tote is still only $8 and I've always go some sort of promo or coupon code posted on my FB shop page .

Other fabrics are the Disney Princess line, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel Comic hero's... Wonder Woman was crazy popular!! And of course..
The Walking Dead
$8.00 USD
I have it in a pouch but can make just about anything you want!

Had some great custom orders last year.... which I love to do ..

$15.00 USD

Lord Of The Rings Mallorn Leaf Lembas Bread Wrap
I include a recipe for the bread

$12.00 USD

Beautiful Kiss Lock Coin Purse

Padded to protect the contents

Loved this order! Customer couldn't part with the jacket but just never wore it anymore. So I made a bag for her!

 From Jacket

To Clutch

For a Birthday party theme, the Mom had Super Hero totes for the boys and girls as favors and party banner in the same theme. An event not easily forgotten!
The pendants were easily removed to be given to the party goers as gifts.

These were made for a lady who wanted to give a little something to her coffee group. These can be made in any fabric/theme for special occasions or as office/group gifts. Message me on ETSY about your idea. Quantity discounts are always available.

Another lovely set of Laurel Burch Fabric. 
Available in Brown horses, dog and cat fabrics

$40.00 USD

$15.00 USD

This is 1 of many owl fabrics added

Plastic lined Monet Floral Lunch Tote
 $16.00 USD